Product Care & Maintenance

Our philosophy is simple, we only make furniture that lasts. Over their lifetime our products will need a little care and attention to ensure they can be enjoyed by generations to come. The following information will help you care for your A&B products in the best possible way.

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All Agostino & Brown products have a 1 year structural warranty covering materials & workmanship. This warranty is valid for all products within a commercial interior, under normal conditions for which they were designed. This warranty does not cover unreasonable use or wear to the products or their finishes. Solid timbers are subject to colour and texture variation.

General Maintenance

Commercial cleaners & ammonia-based products should not be used. Do not use white vinegar. If unsure please contact us. Please use only a damp non-abrasive cloth. For stubborn stains use a soft cloth with soapy water. Water or moisture should not sit on or near any product surfaces unless it is an outdoor product. Do not over tighten screws or bolts on products.

Please contact Agostino & Brown if you require any repairs or have any questions about maintenance. Agostino & Brown products are recommended for indoor use only unless specified for outdoor use. Excessive direct sunlight (ie. From outdoors or through a window or in a conservatory situation) may over time affect the product. If unsure please contact us. Do not drag furniture when moving. Do not lift furniture on your own. Furniture is heavy. Please check your occupational health & safety guide before lifting or moving furniture.

Marble & Stone

Colour & texture variation: stone work such as marble, granite, limestone, slate etc are subject to colour & texture variation. Care instructions: stone work is not indestructible. Materials vary in porosity, chemical resistance and scratch resistance.

It is recommended that stone surfaces be treated carefully. Cutting boards should be used to avoid possible scratching. Heat proof mats should be used to prevent thermal damage which can possibly result in cracking.Particular attention should be paid to acidic substances (fruit juice, cleaners etc.) And substances with heavy colourants (red wine, beetroot etc.)

Stone is a strong material however cracks can occur if placed in direct contact with extreme heat (eg. Pot off the stove or oven) No responsibility is accepted for any damage that may occur to any stonework after it has been supplied. Cleaning & sealing: methylated spirits can be used as a cleaning product. 50/50 Ratio in a spray bottle with a soft cloth.


Do not place leather in direct sunlight. Ensure a minimum of 80cm between furniture and heating source. Avoid contact of leather with sharp objects. Regularly clean and dust your leather with a clean dry cloth. Remove food spills immediately. Do not scrub hard.

Only clean leather with approved upholstery leather cleaners in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid using harsh chemicals and / or cleaners that are oil or solvent based. Leather cleaning product recommendation: keralux basic care lotion for vegetable tanned smooth leather. $70+Gst


The best method of cleaning is by regular washing of the coating using a solution of warm water and non-abrasive, Ph neutral detergent solution. Surfaces should be thoroughly rinsed after cleaning to remove all residues. All surfaces should be cleaned using a soft cloth, sponge or a soft natural bristle brush. Cleaning of powder coated sections can be conveniently carried out in the same way as window cleaning.

Maintaining the integrity of your powder coated products is just like caring for your car. Over time with exposure to the elements, powder coatings may show signs of WEATHERING SUCH AS loss of gloss, chalking and slight colour change. A simple regular clean will minimise the effects of weathering and will remove dirt, grime and other build-up detrimental to all powder coatings.


General cleaning of lacquered timber would be to use soapy water and then rinsing with clean warm water. Wipe dry using a microfibre cloth suitable for windows or clear glass, this will remove water. Do not leave water to sit on surface.