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Olive Stool Upholstered

Olive Stool Upholstered

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12 weeks standard time frame for manufacture and delivery. Please enquire if you wish for us to accommodate a shorter lead time.

Care information

Commercial cleaners & ammonia-based products should not be used. Do not use white vinegar. If unsure please contact us. Please use only a damp non-abrasive cloth. For stubborn stains use a soft cloth with soapy water. Water or moisture should not sit on or near any product surfaces unless it is an outdoor product. Do not over tighten screws or bolts on products. 

Please contact Agostino & Brown if you require any repairs or have any questions about maintenance. Agostino & Brown products are recommended for indoor use only unless specified for outdoor use. Excessive direct sunlight (ie. From outdoors or through a window or in a conservatory situation) may over time affect the product. If unsure please contact us. Do not drag furniture when moving. Do not lift furniture on your own. Furniture is heavy. Please check your occupational health & safety guide before lifting or moving furniture.

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